Autism Texts!

Thomas,Mia ret pp 5 x 7By Mia Thomas PT, DPT




A father of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder that is non-verbal wanted to her give another method to express herself, so he made an Android application that mimicked other programs that are typically used to help children with Autism verbalize their wants and needs.


His application “TippyTalk” gave his daughter the opportunity to communicate with her parents even when they were miles away. First it has the user click on a picture of who they would like to talk to, then gives them options that allow them to express feelings, wants, and needs through pictorial representations. Once his daughter has chosen all of the requirements to complete a thought the application would develop a sentence from it and text it to the selected recipient.


So often we see what amazing innovator parents are, and this new application definitely proves what creativity is required when you have a child or work with children with disabilities. Recent developments in technology and science have been a tremendous part of helping families and health care professionals develop new methods to allow children with disabilities to become more active participants in the community.