Bilateral hand coordination craft for the Holiday Season

By Sara Niver
Check out this awesome holiday craft to work on bilateral hand coordination, pincer grasp, and cutting/snipping! This pie craft could be used for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

What you need:
  • Paper: orange (pumpkin), red (cherry/apple), purple/blue (mixed berry)
  • Scissors (adaptive or regular)
  • Thin cardboard (for the crust)
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick and/or squeeze glue
  • cotton ball/ pom-pom (whipped cream)
  • Cinnamon or allspice
What this craft promotes:
  • bilateral hand coordination (cutting, tearing paper, using a glue stick)
  • hand strength (squeezing the glue bottle, ripping paper)
  • endurance (cutting for a sustained amount of time)
  • grading force (on the amount of glue put down)
  • pincer grasp (tearing paper)
  • distal control (if you chose to ball up the torn pieces of paper)
  • crossing midline (set supplies to the left or right of child)
How to grade the activity up:
  • Give the child multi-step directions before the craft.
  • Have the child fold the paper in half several times, then cut the folded lines, and then cut the small pieces out.
  • Have the child cut on thicker cardboard for increased hand strength.
  • Have the child cut the small pieces and then roll them up into a ball.
How to grade the activity down:
  • Use paper for the “crust” instead of cardboard (less resistance).
  • Have the crust cut out (if the child can only snip)
  • Have the rows for snipping pre-cut for the child.