Screen Time for Kids: What To Do Instead?

by Angela Grant Cerasaro, MS-CCC, SLP     The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated their recommendations for screen time viewing for children last year. The AAP continues to recommend no or minimal screen time for children under the age of 2, and if screens are used for this age group it should be limited… Read more »

Step Safely This Winter

Margaret Vence, PT, DPT, GCS     Autumn is an exciting time of year at Lifespan Therapies with school starting, the weather changing and the holidays approaching. We love this time of year as we return to area preschools and grade schools to work with the staff and students to provide care and optimize function…. Read more »

My Journey to a Therapy Dog- one full year down!

by Sarah White, OT Well, I feel that a lot has happened since my previous post as well as a little has happened.  Here is what is new: Teddy passed his Canine Good Citizen Test.  This does not mean too much, other than validation that he is a good doggy in public. It also keeps… Read more »

#ChoosePT: What we do and why we do it

by Mia Thomas, DPT     Physical therapists are trained to be masters of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems, that means we know how your bones and muscles all connect and what role your nervous system plays in movements. In more recent years the physical therapy profession has advanced from a masters level degrees to… Read more »

Custom Seating for Patients

by Margaret Vence, PT     As a therapist new to the pediatric physical therapy world, it has been valuable to observe seasoned therapist practicing in the field and to attend continuing education courses to learn all the intricacies to maximize function for our pediatric clients. Recently, I was able to attend a course offered… Read more »

Therapeutic Benefits of ADHD Friendly Spaces

by guest blogger, Jane Sandwood   Many therapists report to having seen an increase in patients with ADHD in recent years. And while boys are still three times more likely to be diagnosed than girls, the diagnosis of ADHD among both girls and women has the fastest rise. The increased awareness of ADHD and the fact… Read more »

Reflection: Genesee Elementary School Open House

On Tuesday September 26th, Ashley Valentine, PTA and Cynthia Wood, OTA were able to attend the afternoon Open House at Genesee Elementary School to represent Lifespan Therapies, PLLC. Even with the 90 degree temperatures, kids and parents picked inside the school with excitement. Many people stopped by to ask great questions, such as: What services does… Read more »

Therapist Workshop Reflection

By Ken Sargent, CCC-SLP   Non-medication interventions for ADHD, Autism, and Sensory Processing Impairments Held on August 15, 2017 at Crowne Plaza, Syracuse, New York The title of this workshop, as noted above, was Non-medication interventions for ADHD, Autism, and Sensory Processing Impairments.  Given the increasing frequency of our school-aged individuals diagnosed with the above… Read more »

OT Halloween Craft: Jackolantern

by Sara Niver, OTR/L   Occupational therapists love to use crafts to promote functional skills! It’s fun for the kids while helping them promote so many functional skills needed to participate in the school environment!   Skills the craft promotes: Visual motor skills (drawing, coloring, lacing) Bilateral hand coordination (lacing) Fine motor precision (coloring in the… Read more »

Free Balance and Falls Risk Assessment Clinic

LifeSpan to host FREE event in their King Ferry Offices on October 28th   Falls can happen anytime of the year, but occur most often in winter when ice and snow stand in the way of safe passage. Winter is quickly approaching and Lifespan Therapies will be holding a free Balance and Falls Risk Assessment… Read more »

Reflections Part 10: Lots of Activity at the Gilling House

  by Dana Mandel     As I walk across the street most mornings to my office, after checking for passing manure spreaders before crossing, I am often pleasantly surprised at the number of cars assembled in the parking area.  When the structure’s builder and only other resident, Clarence Gilling, lived here, I would often… Read more »

What wheelchair will fit my needs?

  by Mia Thomas, DPT   Getting a new wheelchair can be an anxiety-inducing event; the fear of not knowing what will be covered by insurance, receiving a wheelchair that maybe does not fit you perfectly, or receiving a chair that feels alien to you and makes it difficult to functionally negotiate your environments. Getting… Read more »

DIY Handwriting Tool

By Sara Niver, OTR/L Pencil placement is a key component for proper dynamic movements while using a writing utensil! When a writing utensil is not properly placed, it can lead to static movements and fatigue while writing. Therefore, limiting a child’s ability to write or color with precision, accuracy, and control. This is commonly seen in… Read more »

Osteoarthritis: Care across the Lifespan

by Margaret Vence We often think of arthritis as a disease that strikes the elderly. However, research shows that osteoarthritis can be diagnosed in individuals as early as twenty five years of age. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease characterized by progressive loss of the cartilage of joints. It is the most common joint disorder… Read more »

Lifespan Hires New Executive Director

  In my column in our previous e-newsletter, I shared that Lifespan was beginning the process of defining the position and recruiting for an executive director.  As the practice has grown, daily management responsibilities have consumed much of my time and energy.  I began my career as a solo practitioner with a single patient under… Read more »

Physical Therapist to Educator

by Mia Thomas, PT, DPT   If you asked me ask a toothless second grader ‘What I was going to be when I grew up?’ I would have told you an art teacher; that was until about 6th grade when I realized being artistic and creative were not necessarily the same and my strengths were… Read more »

Can Being Present Help your Chronic Pain?

by Mia Thomas, PT, DPT     The first thing to understand when talking about pain, is what the heck is it? Pain is a physical, cognitive, and emotional reaction to a stimulus that you perceive as dangerous. This shows that not only are there multiple ways that you may respond to pain, but your… Read more »