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Safe Haven Museum and Education Center

On May 6, 2014, the entire 8th grade class of the Southern Cayuga High School attended a field trip to the Safe Haven Museum and Education Center in Oswego, NY. The excursion was partially funded by the Southern Cayuga Anne Frank Tree Project.   The maelstrom that was World War II created millions of fugitives,… Read more »

Peter Guinnip, PT “The PT Machine”

One of the outstanding clinicians on the Lifespan team is Peter Guinnip, PT.  Peter joined our practice in 2011.  He presently treats patients at our outpatient office in King Ferry three evenings a week.   Peter graduated from the physical therapy program at SUNY Upstate University in 1986 and began practice immediately.  He is a… Read more »

Disability Awareness Days

Schools and agencies that sponsor disability awareness days that offer opportunities for non-disabled individuals to “simulate a disability” should reconsider the messages they are promoting.  Disability simulations, where participants attempt to perform tasks while blindfolded, seated in a wheelchair, or wearing hearing protection, need to consider the harm that these activities may inflict.   Based… Read more »

Sensory Modulation Disorder of the under responsive type

Is your child often running, jumping, spinning, or rough housing as much as possible?  Is it difficult for them to attend to task and they need to wiggle in their chair or fidget with something small?  Is their sleep and eating habits affected?  If so, your child may be demonstrating a Sensory Modulation Disorder of… Read more »

Dr. Marshall Trabout

The Southern Cayuga County community lost a great asset at the end of last year, December 31, 2013.  Dr. Marshall Trabout retired from his practice in Aurora after 32 years of service.  He deserves our sincerest appreciation for his contribution to the health and well being of the residents in our community.   Dr. Trabout,… Read more »

CVS Caremark Stops Selling Tobacco Products

Congratulations to the CVS Caremark pharmacy chain.  They announced earlier this month that they will no longer sell cigarettes and other tobacco products from its stores.  CVS is the nation’s second largest pharmacy chain.   CVS Caremark Corporation said that it will phase out tobacco by October 1, 2014 in its 7,600 stores nationwide as it… Read more »

My Child is Stuttering, what should I do?

Stuttering occurs when a child has difficulty with the rate, rhythm, or flow of speech.  Fluent speech can be interrupted in a variety of ways: • Repetition of sounds, syllables, words and phrases • Prolongations of sounds • Blockages of airflow (speech that stops, appearing tense or breathless) • Use of interjections such as “um”… Read more »

Preventing Teen Depression and Suicide

Real Life Reels event: Thursday January 23, 7 pm at the Auburn Public Theater.   Topic: Teen Depression and Suicide   The films offer frank discussions, solutions, and hope. The viewing is less than an hour with discussion and refreshments after.   Please share with family and friends.  

My young child is difficult to understand, what should I do?

As a speech-language pathologist working with young children, I often field concerns from parents who wonder why their child is difficult to understand.  However, it is important to remember that there is a wide range in the age in which sounds are learned. Speech sounds develop from the time a child begins babbling and continue… Read more »

Incredible Years Parenting Program

Syracuse University will be offering a group parenting program that is open to any parents who have children who have disruptive or oppositional behaviors.  The group is not diagnostic specific.  The group will be facilitated by Kevin M. Antshel, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training of Syracuse University, in conjunction with advanced doctoral students in the School and… Read more »

Fun Indoor Play!

Lately the weather has been either dangerously cold and snowy, rainy, or blowing us away!  Because of the weather, it has not been easy to get the kids outside to play and for activity.  They are going stir crazy being cooped up inside!   Here is how to pick appropriate toys and fun indoor activities… Read more »

All About Aphasia

Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder, most commonly caused by strokes and traumatic brain injuries.  It impacts an individual’s ability to understand and use both spoken and written language.  It can be mild, causing a person to struggle with naming objects, or severe, making it nearly impossible to communicate using verbal or written language.  … Read more »

Addressing Sensory Processing Disorder in the School Setting

With the skyrocketing statistics of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder, schools have seen an increased demand to provide therapy and strategies to address student’s varying sensory needs.   Sensory processing refers to taking in information from all of the senses, organizing the information, and then making an appropriate response.  It… Read more »

Start Brushing!

Forming good dental hygiene habits early on is important for a lifetime of healthy teeth and dental care should begin at birth.  From the perspective of a Speech-Language Pathologist, healthy baby (primary) teeth are important for speech sound development.  Poor dentition can make it difficult to produce many speech sounds, as well as negatively impact… Read more »

What is Universal Pre-K?

In their Fall 2013 bulletin, the Mid-State Early Childhood Direction Center, explained what Universal Pre-K (UPK) is and its goal.  If your child is 4 years old, they can attend this program.  For more information on local UPK programs, please contact your school district.  

Lifespan Sponsors Concert at the Morgan Opera House

Klezmer Kings

Lifespan Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Pathology Services, PLLC will be sponsoring a concert at the Morgan Opera House in Aurora, NY on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at 7:30pm.  100% of the proceeds from the concert will go directly to the Morgan Opera House. The intimately-sized Morgan Opera House is a restored… Read more »

Fall Fun for Families

Fall in the Finger Lakes is officially here and with it, comes many community activities for the whole family.  These Halloween and fall-themed events are great opportunities for families to spend time together.   Spooky Science Halloween at the Sciencenter in Ithaca The Sciencenter in Ithaca has a program of events for toddlers on up… Read more »

Self-Regulation in Children: Keeping the Body, Mind and Emotions on Task in Children with Autism, ADHD or Sensory Disorders

Self-Regulation in Children: Keeping the Body, Mind and Emotions on Task in Children with Autism, ADHD or Sensory Disorders, a day-long conference held in Syracuse, on October 9th, drew my interest as a Speech-Language Pathologist because of its cross-disciplinary focus.  The conference was attended by Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Physical Therapists, General Education… Read more »