Physical Therapy

Exercises for Glute Strengthening

by Mia Thomas, PT, DPT   So often, therapists are prescribing some sort of gluteal exercise as they are such as integral part of stabilization during so many different movement patterns. However, the exercises commonly prescribed typically are not the most effective at targeting the muscles we desire, like the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus…. Read more »

Run your Heart out, but don’t Forget to Strengthen!

by Mia Thomas, PT, DPT     Through practice and life I have found that runners are some of the most resistant to recognizing injuries and taking action about recovering from them. It stinks to have to decrease your mileage due to injuries, but it is also not worth pushing through as those extra miles… Read more »

Yoga Power Poses to Rock 2018

by Mia Thomas, PT, DPT       As a yoga teacher I am always looking for a theme to present during my classes and with the new year I wanted to find something to rock my student’s mats for their first practice of 2018.   Most of the beliefs about ourself and our relationship… Read more »

Step Safely This Winter

Margaret Vence, PT, DPT, GCS     Autumn is an exciting time of year at Lifespan Therapies with school starting, the weather changing and the holidays approaching. We love this time of year as we return to area preschools and grade schools to work with the staff and students to provide care and optimize function…. Read more »

#ChoosePT: What we do and why we do it

by Mia Thomas, DPT     Physical therapists are trained to be masters of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems, that means we know how your bones and muscles all connect and what role your nervous system plays in movements. In more recent years the physical therapy profession has advanced from a masters level degrees to… Read more »

Custom Seating for Patients

by Margaret Vence, PT     As a therapist new to the pediatric physical therapy world, it has been valuable to observe seasoned therapist practicing in the field and to attend continuing education courses to learn all the intricacies to maximize function for our pediatric clients. Recently, I was able to attend a course offered… Read more »

Reflection: Genesee Elementary School Open House

On Tuesday September 26th, Ashley Valentine, PTA and Cynthia Wood, OTA were able to attend the afternoon Open House at Genesee Elementary School to represent Lifespan Therapies, PLLC. Even with the 90 degree temperatures, kids and parents picked inside the school with excitement. Many people stopped by to ask great questions, such as: What services does… Read more »

Free Balance and Falls Risk Assessment Clinic

LifeSpan to host FREE event in their King Ferry Offices on October 28th   Falls can happen anytime of the year, but occur most often in winter when ice and snow stand in the way of safe passage. Winter is quickly approaching and Lifespan Therapies will be holding a free Balance and Falls Risk Assessment… Read more »

What wheelchair will fit my needs?

  by Mia Thomas, DPT   Getting a new wheelchair can be an anxiety-inducing event; the fear of not knowing what will be covered by insurance, receiving a wheelchair that maybe does not fit you perfectly, or receiving a chair that feels alien to you and makes it difficult to functionally negotiate your environments. Getting… Read more »

Osteoarthritis: Care across the Lifespan

by Margaret Vence We often think of arthritis as a disease that strikes the elderly. However, research shows that osteoarthritis can be diagnosed in individuals as early as twenty five years of age. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease characterized by progressive loss of the cartilage of joints. It is the most common joint disorder… Read more »

Physical Therapist to Educator

by Mia Thomas, PT, DPT   If you asked me ask a toothless second grader ‘What I was going to be when I grew up?’ I would have told you an art teacher; that was until about 6th grade when I realized being artistic and creative were not necessarily the same and my strengths were… Read more »

Can Being Present Help your Chronic Pain?

by Mia Thomas, PT, DPT     The first thing to understand when talking about pain, is what the heck is it? Pain is a physical, cognitive, and emotional reaction to a stimulus that you perceive as dangerous. This shows that not only are there multiple ways that you may respond to pain, but your… Read more »

Are we teaching our children to be less literate?

by Mia Thomas, PT, DPT     When the word literacy is mentioned many people immediately think about reading and writing, but there has been more talk recently about physical literacy; that is, how well are our kids able to perform basic gross motor movements, such as: swimming, running, jumping, throwing, and batting. There are multiple… Read more »

Chronic Ankle Instability – Retrain the sprain!

by Mia Thomas PT, DPT     Chronic ankle sprains are the most common injuries in sports across the board, they account for 16 to 21% of all sports related injuries and over a six year period accounted for 21% of the visits to the emergency department. Because this injury is so common, it is… Read more »

Hippotherapy Experience: What I’ve Learned about Working with Horses

by Bailey Crook, SPT During my clinical rotation with Mia Thomas PT, DPT I’ve had the wonderful experience to shadow Kirsta Malone, OTR at her horse stables in Union Springs on Wednesday afternoons. Kirsta currently runs a nonprofit organization that offers hippotherapy sessions, as well as horseback riding lessons, called Green Goose Acres. She’s in… Read more »

What is Hippotheraphy?

by Bailey Crook, PT Student Hippotherapy is a form of evidence based practice used by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists to purposefully manipulate equine movement to promote the sensory, motor, and cognitive systems to help reach functional goals of patients. This is a type of therapy that would be integrated into the… Read more »

“Emma Watch” for patients with Parkinson’s Disease

by Mia Thomas, PT, DPT     Artificial intelligence and other advancements in technology have been impacting the medical field more than some might have expected. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced a prototype for a watch that decreases tremors in the wrist and hand for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Their product uses a combination of… Read more »