Classroom Inclusion Presentation

Lifespan In-Service Day Features Inclusion in the Classroom Presentation

LS_postcard_inclusion_final (2)Lifespan Therapies’ therapists and office staff gathered on September 2 for an annual in-service training and kick off for the 2015-16 school year. Training for the day included HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and UP – OSHA Universal Precautions for infection control measures. Discussions were held to introduce new company policies and changes.

As part of Lifespan’s commitment to continuing education and resource accessibility,  Kathleen Granelli, Special Education School Improvement Specialist at Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES, gave a presentation on providing related services in the inclusive classroom that addressed:

• An increased need to return students to their least restrictive environment.
• Creating outcomes and accommodations for children’s disabilities.
• A trans disciplinary approach to creating an inclusive treatment setting.
• Providing access to inclusive environments for all children.

Granelli has many years of experience in the field. She speaks regularly on inclusion to teachers, school officials, therapists, and others working daily with students with disabilities.

The strategies and foundations Granelli identified expand the knowledge base of Lifespan’s therapists, providing practice tools to enhance service delivery to students and clients.

Many good resources exist which provide information and strategies. A few tips to remember:
• Adopt an attitude of high expectations for your students and highlight their strengths.
• Use a step-by-step, small bit teaching approach with lots of practice and repetition.
• Communicate clearly and often with all individuals involved in your students’ well-being.

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