Favorite Speech and Language Therapy Toy – Saxoflute

By Karla Eshelman MS, CCC-SLP

Build it, blow it, turn it into a pretend hose, telescope, or phone. 

The possibilities can be endless and many areas of speech and language development can be targeted. Here are some ideas to get you started!


  • Strengthen muscles and coordination needed for speech production
  • Develop breath support, lip strength and tongue retraction while blowing the Saxoflute


Expressive language: 

  • Asking for more parts with a simple gesture, sign, or one-word request
  • Combining words, for example, “more please”
  • Using longer sentences, for example, “I want the yellow piece please”



  • Practice a targeted speech sound before getting another part for your whistle
  • Target a frequently used word in a phrase or sentence, for example, the initial /k/ sound in “can” for “can I have more please?”


Receptive language:

  • Following directions, for example, take two pieces, pick a blue piece next
  • Increasing vocabulary

1. color identification

2. opposites, for example: blow loud vs. soft or long whistle vs. short whistle


Pretend Play:

  • Build other things out of the whistle parts and expand on pretend play skills.
    1. make fire hoses and pretend to spray each other
    2. make phones and pretend to talk to each other
    3. use it as a telescope and hunt for treasures