Healthy Eating and the Picky Eater


by Molly Osterhoudt, OTR


March is National Nutrition month. Many of us set weight loss goals for 2017, but don’t quite know how to change the eating habits that have held us back in past years. We can all use a little help making good food choices to get started and follow through with achieving our goals.

As adults, we can make a conscious effort to follow through on those choices with the help of various websites such as: eatright.org. This website is created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It breaks down various types of workouts to complete if you have a specific focus area you’d like to change. This website also provides you with a variety of food choices that are healthy, but also fulfilling and provided a great source of energy and nutrients for your body. Not only does the website focus on adult behavior and choices, but it also gives you a break down of healthy eating for your children.

As we know, many children are very picky eaters and finding healthy, sustainable meals for them can be a challenge. Every kid is excited by colors, creativity, and a little pizaz! Within this website you can find information on what is expected for your young child to be eating based on their age. Eatright.org also provides alternative snack ideas for your child at school and during the ever inviting holiday parties that arise so often.

The last aspect of this website that might intrigue more parents are the links provided about how to tell if your child is sensitive to foods. It’s hard to tell if your child is simply a picky eater or if there is an underlying reason behind their pickiness. This link¬†provides a few simple tips and tricks to track and monitor your child’s potential food sensitivities. There are many other great resources out there created by health professionals, nutritionists and occupational therapists to assist with food sensitivities.

The following links are great sources of information and give parents some simple tricks to try when they have a little one who doesn’t like many foods:


Let’s make food as fun and rewarding as we can in as healthy and nutritious way as possible!