Jack-o-Lantern Synonyms & Antonyms

christina-noon_-squareBy Christina Noon, CCC-SLP



Here is fun and festive activity to help target language skills! (Click to Download) This activity targets antonyms and synonyms, an important language concept for all school aged kiddos to work on. They are essential to vocabulary development, and can help children decode unfamiliar words in speech and in text.


Take the big pumpkin and cut out the mouth so your child can easily side paper through it.  Then paste pumpkin on a paper bag or Kleenex box. The candy corn cards are synonyms. Lay all the cards face up on a table and take turns matching synonym word pairs and feeding them to the pumpkin. Next, take the ghost cards, antonyms, and lay them on the table and repeat the matching game.


The pumpkin bag can be used for articulation practice as well! Find pictures with target sounds in them (e.g., if the child is working on “K” find a picture of “Cat,” “Car”, “Candy”) and have the child practice each word before feeding it to the pumpkin. A little piece of Halloween Candy is always a fun reward for some hard work.


I found this activity on The Speech Bubble visit them to find other fun SLP activities and ideas!