Lifespan Receives Approval as a Medicaid Service Bureau

By Dana Mandel, PT, PCS



In March, 2016, the Medicaid reimbursement process for the School Supportive Health Services Program underwent a dramatic change.  School districts requesting reimbursement from Medicaid for services covered by this program may no longer use the Central New York Information Center (CNYRIC) as a contractor for submitting SSHSP claims as of March 1, 2017.  School districts now have the responsibility to submit their claims directly or utilize the services of a vendor to assist in submitting to Medicaid school supportive health services claims.  School districts and counties were required to notify their Regional Information Center representative of how they intend to handle the transition by January, 2017.


Lifespan presently provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language pathology services to a number of school districts and County Health Departments.  It has always been our mission to provide a comprehensive, fiscally responsible, compliant, and supportive service to our clients.  To further the value of our services to our school districts, Lifespan has applied for, and been approved as, a Medicaid Service Bureau with the State of New York’s Department of Health.  This distinction will allow Lifespan to bill the NYS Medicaid system directly for the services we provide to our school districts.


Lifespan has been billing third party payers for services provided at our outpatient facility and in our community for 30 years.  We have an outstanding record and sophisticated procedures for obtaining maximum reimbursement for the services we provide.  As Lifespan has 30 years of successful medical billing experience, we would like to share this success and expertise with our school districts.


Lifespan is in a unique position to assist school districts receive greater reimbursement from Medicaid for the following reasons:

  • We presently obtain and update Medicaid compliant medical prescriptions for our services;
  • We maintain detailed and compliant clinical and billing records;
  • We have a great deal of experience with ICD-10 and CPT coding to maximize reimbursement;
  • We maintain all of our medical records and communications beyond FERPA requirements and at the highest level of HIPPA compliance;
  • We bridge the gap between educationally relevant services and medically necessary services.


I would welcome the opportunity to meet with any administrative representatives from the school districts we service to discuss this service in greater detail.  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly regarding this valuable opportunity.