Reflection: Genesee Elementary School Open House

On Tuesday September 26th, Ashley Valentine, PTA and Cynthia Wood, OTA were able to attend the afternoon Open House at Genesee Elementary School to represent Lifespan Therapies, PLLC. Even with the 90 degree temperatures, kids and parents picked inside the school with excitement. Many people stopped by to ask great questions, such as: What services does Lifespan provide? What is the difference between occupational and physical therapy? What is occupational therapy? What does a physical therapist do for kids at school?


Ashley and Cynthia proudly explained their disciplines and their role in the school district. Informing parents about how our therapists help children, who qualify for related services, increase their self help skills, as well as fine and gross motor skills to help them better navigate their environment and meet the educational demands of their classroom.


Some parents were unaware such services were available in their child’s school and only thought therapy was recommended when recovering from an injury. They showed a positive response and were interested and encouraged that these services were available during the school day in their child’s typical environment.


Therapists got the opportunity to talk with several of the parents of students they were currently working with and answer questions about therapy times as well as discuss treatment plans and sensory activities they could do at home with their children. One student waited with his mother until the end of the event to show her the new therapy swing that helps him regulate himself throughout the day. This event was a great opportunity for some of our therapists to interact with our community and explain the role that Lifespan Therapies plays at Genesee Elementary School.