Lifespan Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Pathology Services, PLLC has an extensive network of computers maintained by a network specialist and a software specialist.


We are committed to using the most current technology available to facilitate accurate, secure, and efficient transfer of special education records, including transmitting data directly from our database to district level computerized systems for tracking special education data. This has benefited school district budgets and provides additional time for therapists to treat students.


All therapists are trained to use IEP Direct software,  and computer data is continuously backed up on site for uninterrupted daily service. All computer files are also backed up daily off site.

We have a fully functional and continuously updated website. Paper records are maintained according to regulatory guidelines, and then digitally scanned and archived eternally.


Lifespan has recently implemented a proprietary, custom designed database that tracks all aspects of clinical care, documentation, employee records, and communications specifically designed to meet the needs of special education departments.
All therapists have web based access for recording service time and clinical charting. Our database tracks therapist compliance with IEP recommendations, CSE timeline compliance for student evaluation referrals, notification and attendance of therapists at CSE meetings, the receipt and distribution of all reports including IEP progress notes, daily clinical charting, and all mandatory Medicaid reporting.