Frank Turek, Sr.

Frank Turek, Sr. has been a home care client with Lifespan Physical Therapy for over 15 years. He states, “He keeps me moving and helps me do my exercise.

Gayleen Folts

I went to Lifespan Therapy after I had double knee replacements. They helped improve and then maintain the flexibility in my joints. I climb a lot of stairs for a living and am now able to maneuver them better than ever.

Ann Tobey

Lifespan Physical Therapy has been very helpful to me, both with therapy at the office and in planning appropriate exercises at home. The staff are unfailingly pleasant and helpful. I would certainly return there if I need more therapy.

Robert Kalweit

The physical therapist takes a personal interest in each individual patient; that is something you do not always find…Thank you for encouraging me along the way and helping drive me to achieve my goals.

Nellie & Sam Franklin

Both of us had a shoulder injury and underwent surgery. Lifespan Physical Therapy has helped bring both of our shoulders back… We highly recommend Lifespan Physical Therapy.

Joan Manrow

After breaking my ankle, I was glad to find Lifespan Physical Therapy in my own neighborhood. I attended a month plus and was very satisfied. There is access to all the necessary healing equipment. It’s a very congenial, comfortable healing place!

Carissa Mosher

I like it here very much! Dana is very awesome. I like all the equipment here! The toy room is a blast. I think my leg got stronger! Thank you Dana!

Marcie Drew

The physical therapy treatments I received at Lifespan have helped me with rehab for two knee surgeries. The therapist’s ability to work with me individually and to answer questions about my injury has been most helpful. I would recommend Lifespan to others with physical therapy needs.

Patrick Chandler

Teaming up with Lifespan in the motorsports industry has been nothing short of excellent. Without the support and help from the staff at Lifespan, being a ‘weekend warrior’ at the race track would not even be possible.

Ryan Bianconi


Since starting therapy with Lifespan Therapies, I’ve seen significant improvement in my knee. When I first started therapy, I was struggling with my mobility and falling fairly often because of my knee. Now I can walk around with relative ease. I’m also no longer in need of knee surgery. My goal, with the continued help… Read more »