The Need for an Executive Director

by Dana Mandel, PT, PCS



I have spent the last year describing my path to becoming a pediatric physical therapist and the president of Lifespan Therapies, PLLC.  As I reflect on how my practice has grown, I am in disbelief as to its size and the scope of services that we provide.  I honestly never imagined that I could extend my reach beyond my own practice of physical therapy to provide an array of related services to thousands of children and their families over the years.


As the practice is now its own entity, and the volume and variety of services we offer has grown steadily, I am realizing that I need to focus my energies devoted to Lifespan to be most effective in quality assurance and planning for its future.  As I walk across Rte 90 from my home to my office, I often wonder what would happen to Lifespan if I got smashed by a passing manure spreader and was unable to go to work for an extended period of time.  What would become of the hundreds of children we are presently servicing?  What about all of the employees and their families?  Who would respond to the multitudes of mail, phone calls, and electronic communications?  It has become apparent that I need to become replaceable at a moment’s notice and not as involved in the daily functioning of the practice.


In order to make Lifespan more functional, secure, and effective, I realize that I will require assistance from another leader. In this regard, I have begun recruiting for an Executive Director to work alongside me at our office in King Ferry.  The qualified individual will require experience in special education, related services, human resources, marketing, recruitment, and finance.  There is much information that needs to be shared and many issues that require immediate attention.  The advertisements were posted last week, and I have received a steady response of applicants.  I am hopeful that I will be able to hire a new leader for Lifespan shortly to secure its future and continue to provide the highest quality services available.  If you are qualified and interested in this position, please contact me directly at dana@lifespantherapies.com or through our website at www.lifespantherapies.com.


Best regards,

Dana Mandel, PT, PCS