The Need For Vaccinations

By Nicole Lewis


Recently headlines have been filled with the argument “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate.” While some states have less strict guidelines on vaccinations for children and adults, New York state requires many different vaccinations for children from preschool and daycare through college age.


Adults in many professions such as healthcare and teaching are also required to have specific vaccinations. The reason behind these vaccinations is to reduce the likelihood of certain viruses ability to spread, which looking back in history demonstrates that catastrophic damage these viruses can create.


Luckily, many health departments, including our local Cayuga County office, offer open clinics for vaccinations to children and adults.


The clinic at Cayuga County is open all year round and located in the County Office Building. Below is a list of days the clinic is open and more information regarding vaccinations. Please call 315-253-1560 to set up an appointment today. 


Below are PDFs providing more detailed information regarding Cayuga Counties Vaccine Clinic: