Translator Offers Needed Service to Bilingual Students & Parents

Translation services for non-English speaking students are provided by Lifespan Therapies by bilingual educator Eileen Welch.  Eileen is a Spanish language translator for the Southern Cayuga School District. Originally a special education and learning disabilities teacher, Eileen learned Spanish as a second language from her parents and grandparents, who came to the US from Puerto Rico before Eileen was born.

Eileen uses her Spanish language skills to assist Lifespan therapists in their work with preschoolers who are in early intervention  programs. Her interpretation services are invaluable in helping each student achieve therapy goals. Eileen also assists with communicating IEP goals to parents of Guatemalan and Mexican background, who now work in the Cayuga County dairy industry.

Many of the children Eileen translates for enter the local Head Start program as preschoolers, then receive translation services in their early elementary years to develop English speaking and writing skills.

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